The problems of high blood pressure, sometimes referred to as hypertension, are occurring more often as the ever increasing stresses and strains of our modern society take their toll. You may have heard of the drug Tritace which is becoming ever more popular in helping to combat these problems. Have you given thought to trying out this drug but have been asking yourself some questions about it? Why don’t we take a more in depth look at its claims, under what circumstances it should be used, how much you should take and what you need to be aware of before starting treatment?

How does Tritace work?

This drug is part of the ACE group (Angiotension Converting Enzyme) and is an enzyme inhibitor used for Angiotension conversion. Often it is also called Ramipril, or Altace. The main, and indeed the most effective, use of Tritace is to improve a patient’s chances of survival after a heart attack, and also to treat high blood pressure brought on by heart failure. The artery muscles are relaxed due to the ACE inhibitors causing a reduction in the production of Angiotensin II. In addition Tritace dilates the arteries allowing a stronger flow of blood to the heart.

Under what circumstances should Tritace be used?

Generally it is usually suggested for those patients above 55 years of age. The best results have been seen when it has been used as a preventative treatment against myocardial infection, cardiovascular problems, or the procedural need of revascularization. Patients who have either recently suffered a heart attack or are prone to heart problems have also had this drug recommended to them. Results have shown one of the main benefits of Tritace to be in reducing hypertension.

How much should be taken?

At the beginning of the course the dosage per day should not exceed 1.25mg. After that, depending on several factors, doctors will recommend a daily dosage that can vary between 2.5mg and 20mg. However always remember that Tritace should only ever be taken in conjunction with your doctor’s instructions. Many such drugs need to be taken on a full stomach, Tritace does not; a glass of water is sufficient. Keep the medication away from damp conditions and too much heat, normal room temperature is best.

What do you need to know before starting a course?

Never begin a course of treatment with Tritace until you have consulted with your doctor. If you are already pregnant, or if you are planning to become pregnant, don’t take it. Since Tritace of course reduces the blood pressure it is of paramount importance that throughout the whole time you are taking the medication that you drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water every day. Get your doctor’s express authorization first if you are also taking potassium supplements.


In conclusion, you are probably already aware that Tritace is still a very useful treatment against fighting off high blood pressure. Results have been especially good for those with heart problems or recovering after a heart attack, and anecdotal evidence suggests its effectiveness in prevention as well as in curing. As with all prescription medicines take care and use common sense whilst undergoing the course of treatment, but as an overall cure for the problems of high blood pressure, you should find Tritace pretty effective.

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