Different Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure In Women

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by Jamal D White

Hypertension, commonly referred to as high blood pressure is a very dangerous ailment. This is mainly because a third of the people suffering from the condition do not know that they have it until it is too late and the condition has already caused substantial damage to the heart, kidneys, blood vessels and other parts of the body. High blood pressure occurs when the force of the blood pushing inside the arteries rises and stays high for long time. The only way to know if you have high blood pressure is by constant and regular checkups because high blood pressure has no real or noticeable symptoms when it is in the development stages. If you have a close relative suffering from high blood pressure, it is especially important that you get regular checkups. That said, below are a few symptoms of high blood pressure in women that you can use to recognize if you are prone to the ailment.

Severe and constant headaches are a strong indication of a rising blood pressure. Headaches are associated with many other ailments although a high blood pressure headache is throbbing and very severe. If you are constantly getting severe headaches, it could be an indication that your blood pressure is rising and you should seek medical attention promptly.

Feeling overly tired and confused is also another symptom of high blood pressure in women. Fatigue comes from the heart overworking itself to pump blood into your vessels, which might lead to confusion. A number of other ailments might also cause fatigue. However, if you feel constantly fatigued and confused, it is a strong indication that you are developing HBP.

Your eyes obtain blood through a network of capillaries. When developing high blood pressure, you may are likely to experience vision impairment because the bloodstream pressure within the capillaries is too high such that it makes them expand. You have to rule out other conditions and problems like sleep to be sure that the problem is related to high blood pressure.

Pounding in the chest is another symptom of high blood pressure in women. Pounding in the chest happens when the heart works excessively to pump more blood into the arteries. Pounding may also be experienced on the neck and behind the ears as these sensitive spot are very closely related to the heart.

Blood in the urine is also a symptom of hypertension. This mainly occurs when the ailment has gone unnoticed for long and has already caused damages to the organs in the body. It is important to seek medical attention immediately.

Heartbeats are supposed to be regular at around 72 heartbeats per minute. High blood pressure causes the heart beats to be irregular, i.e. above the normal rate of 72 and sometimes even below. This is one of the symptoms of HBP.

Pain in the chest and difficulty in breathing are also symptoms of an increase in blood pressure. Chest pains occur when the heart rate increases and difficult breathing is because of oxygen starvation in the heart. It is important to seek immediate medical attention when this happens.

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The Varied Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure

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by Alex D White

The elevation of the blood pressure to high levels approximately more than 140/90 mm Hg is an indication of having high blood pressure. High blood pressure also know as hypertension, does not have major physical symptoms and that is the main reason as to why a person can be having this medical condition without their knowledge. The sure way to know if you have high blood pressure is to seek medical attention to have a blood diagnosis. However, below are some major symptoms of high blood pressure that may indicate that you probably have high blood pressure.

Occasional heart attack is one of the major symptoms of high blood pressure. For instance, if you were walking down the street and all over sudden you feel like collapsing, this could be an indication that you may be suffering from this medical condition. What usually happens is that, your heart experiences some creep failures that tend to make it stop functioning. Creep failures may be triggered by nerve damage and stress.

If a is always dizzy, you are likely to be struggling with high blood pressure. People struggling with high blood pressure will often have a dizzy feeling due to their bloodstream pressure being too high. This may be because of the heat pumping blood into the veins at a high pressure, which leads to overworking the brain leading to the dizzy feeling.

Having some visual impairment might be a sign of struggling with high bloodstream pressure. High blood pressure patients usually complain about visual impairment problems. What usually happens is that, the blood being at a high pressure causes tension around the veins, which strains the eyesight nerves leading to someone having blurred vision.

Vomiting and Nausea is another symptom of high blood pressure. The nausea is not like any other where the feeling may go after some time. You may actually feel nauseated for quite some time. This also comes as a result of the dizzy feeling, which usually leads to you feeling nauseated.

When you experience a chest pain accompanied by breathing problems, there could be a possibility that you may be suffering from high blood pressure. A squeezing feeling in the chest that may extend to your arms may be an indication of having high blood pressure and a medical examination should be undertaken immediately. This is actually the primary reason as to why most of those suffering from high blood pressure do not usually engage themselves into strenuous activities.

Getting a stroke is yet another symptom of high blood pressure. A stroke will occur to someone once the blood circulation towards the brain is disrupted leading to the entire body not functioning. High blood pressure is closely connected with stroke as it involves the speed of blood flow within the brain. Most people who have high blood pressure are usually very afraid of getting a stroke.

High blood pressure is associated with most of the short-term symptoms but other symptoms do occur in the long run. In the long run, high blood pressure patients will start to experience organ failures such as claudicating, which is the disability to walk due to creeping of the legs and out pouching of the aorta (Aneurysms). Other organ failures include kidney failure.

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A Few High Blood Pressure Symptoms In Men

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by Bradd Alan

Hypertension, which is commonly referred to as high blood pressure, is a silent killer disease that afflicts one in every three Americans; this is a whooping 65 million people. High blood pressure occurs when the pressure in the blood vessels rapidly rises to unmanageable high levels. Younger men are usually at a lower risk of having hypertension; but, the risks increase once they hit the age of 45. Since high blood pressure develops over time, there are no clear identifiable symptoms specific to it. This means that it takes a long time for it to develop to a point where it can cause damage to the heart, kidney, blood vessels and other body organs. A lot of precautions such as regular blood pressure checkups should be taken to ensure that the ailment does not progress to unmanageable levels. There are a few high blood pressure symptoms in men that you can use to recognize the disease early.

One of the major signs of high blood pressure in men is constant headaches especially in cases of hypertensive crisis; this is where the blood pressure rises above 180 in the systolic state and below 110 in the diastolic state. Diastolic pressure is the lower number of your heartbeats while systolic pressure is the top number.

Nosebleeds are also another symptom of hypertensive crisis. They are also a clear symptom of hypertension. One study conducted in a hospital indicated that 17% of people treated for high blood pressure suffered from nosebleeds. In the early stages of HBP, nosebleeds may occur constantly and regularly. It is highly advised that you seek medical attention if you experience this.

Blood spots in the eyes are also a sign of high blood pressure in men. Blood spots in the eyes are also known as subconjuctival hemorrhage. This is a common symptom in people with high blood pressure, and if left untreated it can cause serious damage to the optic nerve.

A flushed face is another characteristic of HBP. While a flushed face may also be triggered by other factors for example sun exposure and skin care products, a flushed face triggered by hypertension happens constantly and unexpectedly. You need to seek immediate medical attention if you experience this.

Constant dizziness and imbalance are also signs of high blood pressure in men. Dizziness is caused by the lack of blood circulating to the brain. This in turn causes an imbalance and might cause fainting.

Another high blood pressure symptom in men is shortness of breath. This is caused by a decrease of oxygen supply to the heart as the arteries in your body expand to accommodate the increasing blood pressure. When this happens difficulty in breathing is experienced.

Blood in the urine is a clear indicator that HBP in the body has gone untreated and has subsequently caused some damage to body organs. This is one of the telltale signs of severe hypertension in the body and should be treated with the seriousness it deserves. Medical assistance should be sought immediately.

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What To Do When You Suspect A Heart Murmur

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by Brian Buxton

A heart murmur represents just an additional, sometimes an atypical sound from a human heartbeat. When the physician finds such an unusual sound via a stethoscope, it’s natural for you as a patient to feel some concern. It’s key to remember however that the majority aren’t associated with heart disease, are completely harmless and actually quite uncommon. Murmurs don’t produce symptoms by themselves, and you could live with one for decades without it causing a problem.

Murmurs are extremely common in otherwise totally healthy children. Though words like ‘congenital defects’ sound rather frightening, this is in no way uncommon or a reason for major worry. When these atypical noises emerge in an adult’s beat as a new pathology, however, there could be an underlying illness, and further test should be done.

It’s important to know what makes the sound. A typical beat has two distinct sounds, which some people describe as ‘lub dub’. This is the sound of the two valves opening and closing in quick succession, as the blood moves within the organ. When a murmur occurs, the sound may have an extra or abnormal nature. When the blood isn’t flowing through the valves entirely smoothly, a doctor can pick up the sound of turbulence.

This may be, but certainly isn’t always, because of damage to the organ valves. These valves may be affected by lots of conditions, including aging alone, certain diseases and infections. It’s very important to keep hold of the fact that the condition, on it’s own is not a disease. It may, however, be created by one.

Innocent or functional murmurs don’t require medical treatment and are completely harmless and asymptomatic. There’s no need to alter your diet or cut back on your physical activity. Though of course a good diet and plenty of exercise will stand you in good stead to prevent any disease occurring. So will avoiding stress, so really do not panic if your physician has detected anything.

The treatment for a murmur that’s detected depends upon its underlying cause. Relatively simple conditions that can be resolved easily and do trigger the condition include hyperthyroidism, anemia, fever and pregnancy. Though this last one may take several months to resolve.

Diseases of this organ which will require treatment quickly and possibly surgery include Endocarditis, a hole in the heart, Valve Stenosis, Sclerosis or regurgitation. These last three are all abnormalities of the organ valve. You’ll usually be unaware of such a problem yourself, but keep an eye on your general health and always seek advice for chest pain and shortness of breath. These won’t be caused by a murmur at all, but could be serious symptoms of other diseases.

Infections may damage those valves, including strep throat and the extremely rare rheumatic fever. Strong antibiotics are usually prescribed. Children with major structural defects or hole in the organ typically have surgery to repair these conditions as babies, and carry on to live normal, healthy lives. The concluding message is that the vast majority of patients with a heart murmur have nothing to worry about, and require no medical treatment.

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Lower High Blood Pressure Using the DASH Diet Plan

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by Rex Scott

Everything you eat affects your odds of getting high blood pressure. Recent clinical tests demonstrate that blood pressure is often lowered by utilizing the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) eating plan. This in conjunction with eating a smaller amount salt provides the greatest benefit and may even help prevent the development of high blood pressure.

The DASH eating plan is composed of: Eating more fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy products; Decreasing foods that are higher saturated fat, cholesterol, and trans fats; Eating more whole grains, fish, poultry, and nuts; Eating less red meat (specifically processed meats) and desserts; Consuming foods high in magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

The DASH Diet – How to start

The DASH food program involves consuming a specific quantity of servings every day from a number of recommended food groups. The quantity of servings you require may vary, depending on a person’s caloric needs. When beginning the diet, ease into it and make progressive modifications. Take into account taking on a diet regime that enables 2,400 mg of salt every day (approximately 1 teaspoon). Subsequently, after your body has adjusted to the diet, further decrease your salt intake to 1,500 mg per day (about 2/3 teaspoon). These amounts include all salt eaten, including salt in food products as well as in what you cook with or add at the table.

Here are some ideas to get you going on the DASH diet: Add a portion of veggies at lunch and dinner; Add a offering of fruit to your meals or as a snack food; Use only half your regular serving of butter, margarine, or salad dressing. And try to use low-fat or fat-free condiments; Substitute low-fat or skim dairy whenever you would ordinarily use whole milk or cream; Minimize beef to 6 ounces a day. Have a few vegetarian meals as an alternative; Add more vegetables and beans into your diet. Instead of typical snacks with a lot of salt, eat the unsalted versions or opt for unsalted nuts, raisins, fat-free yogurt, frozen yogurt, unsalted plain popcorn without butter, and raw vegetables; Examine food labels mindfully to buy products that are lower in sodium.

The DASH Eating Plan is so effective, it is recommended by: – The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (one of the National Institutes of Health, of the US Department of Health and Human Services) – The American Heart Association (AHA) – US guidelines for treatment of high blood pressure – The Mayo Clinic

Not only does the DASH diet help lower blood pressure, the diet in combination with regular exercise improved mental activity by 30% in overweight adults.

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Healthy Foods That Help Lower High Blood Pressure

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by Rex Scott

A safe and effective strategy to reduce blood pressure is to eat foods that work naturally to dilate blood vessels so that the heart doesn’t need to function as hard. The foods recommended foods include:

Beets – Drinking a serving of beet juice might lower blood pressure within a few hours, according to a Queen Mary University of London research revealed this past year in the American Heart Association journal Hypertension. The nitrate in the fluid has the equal outcome as taking a nitrate tablet, the researchers identified. Other nitrate-rich foods include spinach, lettuce, cabbage and carrots.

Berries – Even one single serving of blueberries each week may help trim your chances of high blood pressure. Blueberries, along with raspberries and strawberries, possess natural and organic elements referred to as anthocyanins that reduce hypertension.

Bananas – A number of key studies demonstrates that people who add potassium equal to 1 1/2 to 2 bananas in their day may possibly drop their blood pressure 2-3 points.

Whole Grain, High-Fiber Cereal – Having a bowl of cereal such as oatmeal, oat squares or bran flakes can trim your chance of developing high blood pressure. Furthermore, the more portions of cereal eaten a week, the greater the gains. Add berries to your cereal and you could double your health benefits.

Potatoes – Potatoes are rich in potassium and magnesium, not one but two important minerals that can assist dealing with high blood pressure. One scientific study found data that magnesium takes on a critical purpose in regulating blood pressure. Other reports have looked at nutritional aspects and how they make contributions to the prevention of high blood pressure. Potassium, on the other hand, aids the sodium intake within your body bringing down blood pressure. Several other food items that are loaded with both potassium and magnesium are halibut, spinach, bananas, soybeans, kidney beans and plain nonfat yogurt.

Dark Chocolate – Just 30 calories of chocolate per day might be ample to help you reduce a person’s blood pressure, according to a Harvard research report. Dark chocolate is rich in natural ingredients that cause dilation of the blood vessels making it easier on your heart.

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Lowering Stress with Herbs

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by Davida Sara

These days Life is incredibly full. No break from the fast-paced days. Most people find that their adrenals are stressed; their emotions, wound up; their head, full of chatter. There are so many choices to de-stress: both allopathic and alternative possibilities. I generally choose Herbs because there are safe without side effects. A wonderful herbal formula for Stress:

Reishi; Oats; Linden; Baikal Skullcap; Holy Basil; Schisandra

I like tinctures because they are both a water and alcohol extract. They also have a long shelf life. And, you can easily use more or less to change your formula.

Reishi, Ganoderma lucidum, is a mushroom that the Chinese often refer to as the Emperor’s Choice because it is effective for over 95% of the systems of the body. Reishi should be a big part of the formula. Even taken alone it is so comprehensive that it can relieve stress by itself. Reishi is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammation, anti-oxidant, anti-tumor, anti-viral, works on blood pressure, blood sugar, cardiovascular, cholesterol reducer, immune system, kidney tonic, lungs/respiratory, nerve tonic, sexual potentiator, stress reducer (Check out The Chart of Mushrooms’ Therapeutic Effects which can be found at my website listed below). Reishi is so amazing that it is said to stop anaphylactic shock; therefore, a must for people who are allergic to bee stings or suffer from huge reactions to any insect bites. A small amount of the extract can be put directly on the bite; and dropper(s) full taken internally until swelling goes down.

Avena sativa (organic wild oats milky seed): It is preferable to use organic, or at least wild, herbs for supplements because as a supplement you are ingesting a larger dose of some food than you can possibly eat: so, it should be the best quality to be found without any possible contaminants. Oats are really soothing to the nervous system and to the heart; definitely a superb grain, especially in its whole form. Overnight cooking in a crock pot can facilitate the long cooking time: Also, a stainless steel pressure cooker.

Linden flowers and leaf (Tilia europaea) make you feel good; and it’s a good herb for the heart.

Scutellaria baicalensis (Baikal or Chinese Skullcap) is an amazing herb, so much more than American Skullcap. Not only does it take out the jitters; it also supports the heart, immune system, your lungs, and is an anti-inflammatory. Considering that all disease starts with some kind of inflammation that is saying a lot.

Ocimum tenuiflorum (Holy Basil, a.k.a. Tulsi) is not the house hold Basil (Ocimum basilicum). It is delightfully uplifting without being a huge stimulant (yet, sensitive people do not want to take after 3:30 PM because it might keep you from going to sleep.) This means you will never get a big crash from it. It makes you feel good, lighter. In India they plant Holy Basil along the walk ways to the front doors of their houses, so that the lovely smell fills the air as your enter.

Schisandra is also a Chinese herb (Wu Wei Zi) (Schisandra chinensis). It is very good for the liver. With a lot of stress we can get grumpy. The liver is affected by mood, what we eat, drugs, and alcohol. So it is good to support the liver.

As you can see herbs work best in combination. That way you can create a well-rounded healing modality. Together these herbs will help your life to flow and move along more easily. Life is for enjoying.

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Classification Related by Heart Murmurs

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by Amie Slovinsky

Heart murmur is really a condition, that has been investigated again and again. Study workers have determined that most of the presentations relating to this condition are actually harmless, and must be absolutely no cause for alarm. Without a doubt, you will find exceptions, just like with anything else, however they are quite rare. The disorder may be located most commonly in children, and because of this , since birth, they’re target of evaluation. There is also a technique that classifies different presentations associated with the heart murmur. Right here, we will explore this, as well as precisely how different interventions interact by this typical ailment.

The Category Approach to Heart Murmurs

There are 7 different things that may assist experts discern one sort of murmur from the next. Reported by public resources, they’re the following – timing, shape, place, radiation, intensity, pitch and also quality. All of these characteristics can aid to figure out the precise factor stimulating the current murmur. By using extensive check methods, experts can simply define every single characteristic independently as well as evaluate its level. Based on that examination, it might be diagnosed if the murmur is actually harmless or not. By using this classification, we are able to as well realise if the murmur is caused by a genetic defection or perhaps by the new condition.

A timing associated with the murmur is split up into two groups – systolic and diastolic. Both these are actually influenced by the time within which the murmur is in fact heard. In systolic cases, it is noticed through the procedure of clenching of a heart muscle tissue while diastolic cases are actually recognized for noise heard during the release. Both are determined by utilising basic mnemonics.

The form of a murmur is actually determined by how the intensity transforms eventually. An intensity may be increasing or decreasing in a certain length of time. The actual characteristics are respectively called crescendo and decrescendo. There is a middle case, though, resulting in a crescendo-decrescendo continual murmuring of a heart.

The location of a murmur is quite easily defined. There are 6 different areas within the chest, each linked to the corresponding part of the heart. By listening to them a murmur can easily be located. Doing this the doctor may pinpoint where exactly the murmur is. The different parts of the heart in which the murmur can be felt talk about various ailments. This is probably the most dependable practices used for classification regarding a murmur. This is exactly why the majority of practitioners would go for it initially above all else.

There is the specialized characteristic connected with the spot of a murmur, which is termed radiation. It is actually connected with the fact that the noise of a murmur radiates in the distinct way, based on where it’s situated. The most typical case is that, when the murmur radiates at the same direction as a blood flow. Though, there are well-known exclusions which can actually speak of more severe conditions present.

Intensity is one of the most critical characteristics to look out for. Generally speaking, it isn’t good for the murmur being either too silent, or maybe too noisy. Both possibilities could speak of negative conditioning of the heart. Still, intensity truly ranges in various scales, typically measured on 6 specific ranges. The primary level is when murmur is almost totally indistinguishable, and the doctor might need to spend a very long time listening by using a stethoscope. However, the 6th level is so noisy that you simply have to place it over a body to realize that the murmur is present. Intensity is proven to indicate harmless murmurs greatest at the center ranges of the scale.

Pitch is pretty similar to the expression used in music. A murmur will have a specific and also tense pronunciation of tone. It can be grouped as small, medium and high easily, as even the inexperienced ear will certainly feel the difference. A diverse pitch will always show another type of condition. It is actually documented that the central pitch shows harmless murmurs most commonly.

Quality is the last of the classifications of the heart murmur. It ought to be said that this isn’t an essential characteristic. Quality talks of only uncommon characteristics discovered in the sound of a heart. Those can include hard, blowing and musical murmurs, which are all very specific and speak of some serious heart conditions. When a quality specification is recorded, then that signifies that the murmur will certainly need specific treatment.


Sometimes, the murmur can’t be classified easily. There may be distortion, or maybe the murmur might have so low intensity, that it is completely unheard. For this, you will find distinct interventions, which a doctor may employ to get a better hearing of a murmur. Amongst the simplest as well as most usual interventions is, to set the person in the special pose. This way, the practitioner will make the murmur become more notable and examine it most closely. Other interventions might contain execution of some totally specialized medical interactions.


The murmur may be a common condition, but it is important that individuals examine it closely to find out whether an additional problem is present. Because of this, today’s categorization system works properly. Every single cardio-related specialist will be aware of distinct specifications associated with a murmur, to be capable to detect it on time. A few of these problems might get worse, and that can result in dangerous consequences. This is why you have to get checked out often, particularly if, you have experience with heart murmurs.

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Negative Effects Of Blood Pressure Treatment

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by Hugh Magnus

If you have been diagnosed with hypertension and prescribed blood pressure treatment then you possibly have experienced certain negative effects. As you possibly know, one blood pressure medication does not suit all. You may have experienced a period of time exactly where your doctor adjusted the dosage or maybe added in a second or third drug to your daily dosage.

If you’re on a diuretic you may only have annoying side-effect of wanting to urinate frequently. However, that diuretic is eliminating a lot more than just salt. Potassium, calcium and manganese are also lost on this process. Deficiencies in these minerals can result in gout, irregular heartbeat and hypoglycemia.

And if you don’t do something about the way you live life, you will likely graduate to one of the stronger blood pressure meds and those things can come with some serious unwanted effects.

Beta blockers slow up the heart beat in an attempt to lower stress. If nevertheless, the heart is reduced to the point that it can’t fully pump all the blood in the chamber, you risk congestive heart failure, heart attack or heart stroke.

Alpha blockers, Calcium Channel Blockers and ACE Inhibitors almost all work similar risks with calcium channel blockers being cited by a Wake University study as leading to 40,000 unwanted heart disorders each year.

And you’re on this stuff for life. Is that what you had planned? I have not stated the most common side effects which include fatigue, dizziness and a loss of libido. This really is a quality of life question isn’t it? You can’t ignore high blood pressure because it’s a killer but the medication is no cake walk either.

Do you know here’s a way of avoiding all of this? Did you know that the American Heart Association states that “drugs can be useful when diet and exercise have failed”? Yes it’s true. Your BP problem can go away if you dig in and commit to changes in what you eat, workout routines and anxiety management.

You can single handedly get rid of these side-effects if you want.

Thousands of Americans have turned to the “cure” that a natural approach gives. Eating nutritious fresh food, abstaining from fatty junk food and convenience foods, having a half hour of walking in everyday, and working on their stress has allowed thousands to say goodbye to the silent killer.

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Get back to living

Posted by Ray Herold on July 27th, 2012 filed in High Blood Pressure | Comment now »
by Ray Herold

Would you like to have more energy, feel better, and be around longer to try new things? Then exercise must be a part of your daily routine, because exercise will not only help you have more energy, exercise will strengthen your bones and muscles helping you stay stronger, control your weight, and reduce your risk of heart disease.

If you are ready to make some changes in your life this article is for you: You are never to old to benefit from exercise, documented benefits include improvements in bone strength, weight loss, blood pressure, sleep quality, and cholesterol levels, just to name a few.

While everyone’s body is different, so should be the approach exercise; not everyone should jump out of bed and decide they want to be a runner and start running; our bodies don’t work that way. It takes time for the body to slow down and get out of shape just as it will take time to get that body back in shape. It is recommended that if you have not been regularly exercising consulting with a medical professional is not only wise but they can put you on a faster track of getting healthier safer.

Maybe the key is not to even name it exercise, but to instead name your passions then figure out how to make those passions get your heart rate up? Yes that is why sex is considered an exercise. So what puts a smile on your face gets your heart rate up and distracts you from thinking it might be exercise? Grab a piece of paper and start making a list: dancing, tennis, weight lifting, swimming, walking, jogging, skiing, water aerobics, painting, hiking, playing a musical instrument, base ball, soccer, and even things like vacuuming, leaf raking or shoveling snow count as things people enjoy that also up the heart rate. When you do what you love you will do it more often increasing your physical activity.

Choosing a hobby and putting it into exercise form does not have to cost you money, you don’t have to join a gym to stay in shape. Many senior centers offer free activities from learning to write your story to aerobics. Taking a brisk walk doesn’t cost a dime and can be good therapy as well when joined by friends. When you mow the law, rake leaves, weed the garden, or scrub the walls you are doing something aerobic, (although these aren’t as much fun as other activities).

Now get moving, not so fast- research shows that exercise does not have to be all heart thumping; studies have shown that a exercise program that is not well balanced can in fact do more harm than good. Creating a fitness habit should encompass a balance of core, strength, and aerobic fitness.

When working on strengthening your body you don’t have to invest in a bunch of expensive weights or the latest in-home-gym, in fact some of the best physical exercise comes from using gravity and your own body weight. It may sound simple, but the best arms I’ve ever seen come from continuous push up.

Each of these peoples idea of exercise is different and yet they are all off the couch busy doing something. When we are younger we hear that the heart rate has to reach a certain beats per minute to do us any good, and that is correct if we are trying to burn fat to lose weight, or train for a race such as a marathon, however if you start to exercise you will find that your body will want to intensify naturally, because as you increase your activity level you energy level will follow, so regardless of your ability, age, or gender there is really no excuse.

The most important step in the whole exercise process- gets started! Don’t wait until…You hear it all the time, I’ll start exercising when my husband does, after my divorce, when the children have all left home, when I have time…news flash, you will never have time and the kids never really leave. Give your self a gift, get in the habit of doing something each day that gets your heart moving, and before you know it you will be exercising without even giving it a second thought.

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